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John Sleeves

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probably just me (poor ole 328i owner) but look at the settings of the gearbox : the 335i is in S(port) mode whereas the 328i is in D (normal drive). and if you believe there is no difference between the settings.... I just got back from Italy and between Perugia (Italy) and Antwerp (Belgium) there is like 600 miles of German Autobahn.... Granted not all of them are 'unlimited' but a couple of stretches are... that 328i was absolutely great, I hit the limiter a lot faster than I thought I would. Does start to get a bit wobbly at 240km/h though. But the thing is : but the car in Sports, kick the gear selector to the left and just don't bother with the gearbox anymore. Just steer and be amazed. be very, very amazed...