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I would recommend staying with AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) if your car currently has an AGM battery. Different chemistries require different charging profiles. The charge voltage\profile for a flooded battery versus an AGM are not compatible. On the E90 the coding of the car is locked to one or the other profile so you have to replace with the same type. Don't know if the F30 changes things may be someone will chime in shortly, it would seem to me that the new platform should be sophisticated enough to contain both profiles. Perhaps changing a parameter via coding could invoke the appropriate charge profile for your battery chemistry.

From the part number of your existing battery you can probably determine it's chemistry type.

AGM batteries are generally superior to flooded batteries, they lose less electrolyte than other types of batteries making them suitable for very dry climates. They are Non-Spillable making them easy to handle and are legal to ship via UPS or FedEx which means you can order one online.