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Here's what I'd recommend (as I've done it).

Get your car Opti-Coated. As RedBread will tell you, on Autopia it's a hot topic, as this stuff is amazing. It's basically like a second clear coat - not a sealant or wax. It's virtually permanent. Once it's on, you just have to wash and it stays shiny and protected - no wax or polish. There is a guy on Autopia who's been testing it for almost 3 years on a car - even pouring muriatic acid on it! It's still holding up!

I paid a pro $350 (Canadian) to do a corrective polish to make the paint perfect, then Opti-Coat. Since then it's just washes and the car looks amazing. BTW you can opticoat the rims as well and it will help shed brake dust. I love it 'cause as I get older I have less and less time to spend detailing.

For washing, nothing beats Optimum No Rinse. As someone else on the forum once stated it's the "milk of the gods". So easy, so quick, amazing shine, and you use just a couple gallons of water. Not only that, you can dilute it in different ratios to make a quick detailer, or clay lube as well. amazing stuff.