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Originally Posted by pkim1079 View Post

I don't know any wealthy ppl who buy 3 series - maybe for their kid. LOL
You don't know any because wealthy people who own 3 Series BMW's because . . . they don't buy them. It's just that simple. Generally, people buy what they can afford.

If a wealthy person is going to make a statement and purposely avoid an expensive car for whatever reason, the last car they'd buy would be a BMW 3 Series. Whether they buy down market for utilitarian, social or political reasons, they are not going a car that is either known to be en emulator or enthusiast car.

It's common sense.

And, 4 Rolexes and a 3 Series don't reconcile. Anyone who truly can afford 4 watches totally well into the 5 figures is a status whore. That guy would never buy a 328i. It's sort of embarrassing. We know the 328 is real. Do the simple algebra.