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Originally Posted by Reznick View Post
Bolt,,this ( & other things) is where you lose me. You continue to talk about people buying 3 series as being "wealthy" and then you go on to list cars that"less wealthy people "drive all, of which easily can push 50K.
I absolutely love the 3's I own , but by no means are they symbol of "wealth" .There is a reason the 3 is BMW's best selling car around the world.Yes the status symbol has a lot to do with it , but so does the price.The entry price is pretty low. A 328 starts at 35K.(Caddy CTS 35K, Lexus IS350 35K,Audi A4 32k, all base price Drive through Miami, parts of California or NJ and they are as common as a Honda Accord. To anyone else reading this, please don't take it that I'm bashing the 328(I'm ready to plunk my $ down on a 4 series as soon as I can) I love the new 328 , but I owned a brand new 3 series when I was about 24 and I never thought it made me appear "wealthy" as BoltJames seems to insist and he's supposedly 50 and is worth 4 million

And funny how he said his 328i was 50k, my 335i was 52k