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Originally Posted by yachtchef View Post
Thanks for replays guys, I notice that rjberry you have the brakes and 19s, do the wheels get black quicker from brake dust and are the brakes noticeably different? Also is the Hk sound a lot different from standard.
The wheels do seem to attract the brake dust. I happened to notice the other day that there was a very noticeable dust layer on them and that was only after 3 weeks. I personally haven't noticed a difference in brake performance but then the most I seem to brake is coming off the slip road at a gradual rate rather than having to slam the anchors on. Cornering is no different, I had a loan car yesterday which seemed to react the same. For normal day to day driving I would say there is no difference. Cosmetically though, they look great

I'm still tweaking the settings on the HK system to get the best out of it but as the loan car had only the bog standard stereo I was at least able to compare. The quality of the output was definitely different. I wouldn't call myself an expert in the field but the richness of the tones from the HK system made the normal one average in comparison. If you listen to the radio a lot then maybe you'd not notice so much but otherwise I'd go HK.

So to sum up, normal day to day driving with M Brakes I would say you're getting more of a cosmetic boost to the car. If you listen to music a lot in the car I would say HK is best. If you listen to the radio and drive reasonably non aggressively, save your money and get neither