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Originally Posted by yachtchef View Post
Can't talk to wife about it because she would opt for shoes and handbags as well...! She thinks I,m getting the 320d msport still as that's what I ordered in front of her at the dealership. When I got back to France I ordered the 330d msport. Doubt she will notice the difference. In my dealership they had a 320d msport with 19s and m brakes and my son who is 13 loved them, and said dad you have to get them, that's when I added them to original order and the wife said they are not worth the 12 a month extra so she said waste of money. So my son will be over the moon with the brakes! If only I can get away with spending 15 a month more I,ll get both and be done with it.
As long as you add the model designation deletion onto the option list you will probably get away with it, just make sure you don't leave her to sort out the insurance

The brakes do look that extra bit special. The sound system sounds that extra bit special. The option list can sneak up on you though, I know from experience I figured I'm going to enjoy this car and that being the case it was worth paying a bit more here and there for. Ok, there were a few more toys I'd have liked but none of them were on the "must have" list. I don't regret any of them and after having a loan car which was a Sport with only an automatic gearbox I really missed the extras I'd put on!

You could always go back to your dealer and see if you can get them to massage the figures in such a way that the HK system is a lot easier on the budget?