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Getting tracking info to appear on the BMW USA website

Tracking a 2015 335i order, I encountered some issues. I'm not sure if this is due to ordering a 2015 can early in the production before the site was ready or is due to general brokenness of, but I hope this helps someone else.
  1. Get a VIN and production number from your sales associate.
  2. Create a MyBMW account on Do NOT enter the VIN or production number while creating the account. This broke the account creation process for me and left me with an account I could log into but then everything would generate an error.
  3. Log in to your account and select "Add/Remove Vehicle"
  4. Put in the production number if you have it. The site seems to be able to derive some info from the partial VIN without having any knowledge of the car, but the production number only works if the site has information available.
    This will either tell you:
    a) Production number is not recognized. The site has no information about your car, try again later.
    b) It will show you the partial VIN and ask you to enter information about where and how you bought the car. Since you're trying to track the car you obviously don't have this information yet. Take a guess and put in some values.
  5. The site will inform you that your account has been upgraded to an "Owner" account and now you can track your vehicle. In reality you will need to log out and then log back in before this takes effect.
  6. A "Track My BMW" entry should appear in the left sidebar and show your car model and production number. Clicking on it should show you the car production state and the list of options you selected. Note that the picture does not match the selected options.