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Originally Posted by jtuds View Post
This is worrisome. All I hear about is how BMWs are so well balanced that RWD is fine in the snow if you have snow tires. I'm in the snow belt, but was planning on RWD because of all I have heard. I don't want to have to rethink my decision because if you buy a well optioned 3 series with X drive, you're damn near M3 pricing.
This thread is case and point of RWD, even with snow tires are not as good as AWD in some situations. 50/50 balance will not help you get unstuck in a snow. In my opinion, RWD BMW is no better in the snow than any other RWD sedans. My guess is that even if the OP had AWD with all season in the above situation, he would still have a hard time stopping, but he would not have got stuck on that hill, so bothe RWD with snow and AWD have their advantages and disadvantages, the key to driving in the snow is know what your car can do and what it cannot do. If one plans to take their BMW out on unplow snow regularly, they really should have AWD and snow tires.