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Originally Posted by MaestroAl View Post
The reality, however, is that you WILL NOT GET VALUE from using premium fuels - only use it if your car NEEDS it. I don't care if you get another 10bhp or whatever but it just ain't worth it. BP Ultimate is literally 10p per litre more than BP normal! That's what, 6? (I don't know how big the F30 tank is) Well that's about a gallon of fuel. Does it really give you 50 miles extra mileage? Is 10bhp (in a diesel!) really any difference at all? It's madness I tells ye
Well, I think that settles it for me

When I filled up with the super diesel I had the fuel reserve message on. I thought the F30 diesel had a 57 litre tank but the last time I only managed to squeeze 49.4 litres in before the clunk. The last time it was 153.9 per litre compared to 143.9 for regular diesel. Just under 5 extra.

So far I haven't noticed any great increase in mpg, it may be 1-2mpg higher but seeing as I've paid the extra 5 I don't think I've got a good return there. The car does seem to be smoother now but maybe that's just the placebo effect or my wallet trying to convince me it wasn't all bad

I don't mind paying a couple of pence per litre more than a supermarket but an extra 10p on top of that for a negligible increase may be pushing things a bit far. All those extra fivers are better spent elsewhere