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Originally Posted by RobUK View Post
Am I missing something obvious here? With the pre-LCI Xenons I had TWO headlights, one either side - the 'inner' lights were just fakes - somewhere for BMW to put the second halo ring. On the LCI adaptive LEDs I now have FOUR headlights because the inner lights are actually functioning headlights as well. So even if the individual LED headlights may have a slightly lower LM rating (and a correspondingly lower LUX) compared with individual Xenon headlights, I now have double the amount of them

Personally I like the LEDs - they seem to give a much more even spread and the distance they throw down the road on main beam looks pretty good to me. The one thing I would agree with is that on dipped beam they do sometimes feel a little 'low'.
I think you might have hit the nail on the head there! Two lights in each headlight unit must be what makes the LED's brighter overall!

Re dipped beam too low, mine were also far too low from factory so I adjusted them up myself, just need a hex bit with preferably a cordless drill. They're bloody amazing now!
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