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Originally Posted by RobUK
Am I missing something obvious here? With the pre-LCI Xenons I had TWO headlights, one either side - the 'inner' lights were just fakes - somewhere for BMW to put the second halo ring. On the LCI adaptive LEDs I now have FOUR headlights because the inner lights are actually functioning headlights as well. So even if the individual LED headlights may have a slightly lower LM rating (and a correspondingly lower LUX) compared with individual Xenon headlights, I now have double the amount of them

Personally I like the LEDs - they seem to give a much more even spread and the distance they throw down the road on main beam looks pretty good to me. The one thing I would agree with is that on dipped beam they do sometimes feel a little 'low'.
Yes you're missing something, the rating is per headlamp unit not per individual lighting section (LED/xenon bulb). The two lights on the LCI aren't as bright in total as the single xenon per side