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Thoughts on my new Black Saph F30:

Now that I've driven my in-laws around for a week during their visit here in Seattle, I can say with certainty: this car f*cking rocks!

Gotta admit that I'm loving it. My old car felt so lame in comparison to the F30. It struggled up hills while this new 3er just feels powerful and in control. The quality level is there, everything from the feel of a door closing to the idrive control wheel. I also love the little features: the kick open trunk, the HUD, the blind spot detection. Add to that it's just plain fun to drive -- it really commands respect on the road.

I even saw a 2011 E90 as I was parking in downtown Seattle and he stopped me and said "Hey, nice car. Is that the new 2012?" I proudly said "Yep."

There are some negatives, though. Some parts feel a little cheap, like the plastic around the windshield mirror. The quality of the leather upholstery work on the seats felt underwhelming -- there seems to be too much give. I was initially overwhelmed by Idrive options, but I can get over that.

But in the end, I'm very pleased with this car. It's a blast. And it can handle the farm life no problem

So to test my new baby out, I did the obvious thing. I took the in-laws on a road trip to a llama & alpaca farm! Who wouldn't? Here are the pics from the road, the Mukilteo Ferry over to Whidbey Island, and the farm.


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