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How does it know the keys are in the car?

Just curious on a technical level. I would think the key fob has a spherical range, period. But somehow, with comfort access, it won't let you lock the door with the keys in the car.

This is kind of cool, but how do you think it does this?

(I'm only explaining the following for those who'll want to know why the hell I would even know this:

I carry a duffel bag with me to work. The keys are huge, so I just keep them in the bag. I throw the bag in the back seat. I have auto-lock enabled. When I get to work I keep forgetting to hit unlock before I get out of the car. My Lexus would unlock all doors if you touched the rear door handles. With this car, the only way to unlock them is to lean back into the car, phone and other stuff in-hand, and hit the button on the dash.

I have the setting that CA unlocks all doors. I figured if I would just touch the front door handle to lock, then unlock, problem solved... But the car won't lock with the keys in the bag.)