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Post BMW Considering 4-Series and 2-Series Badge for Coupes, Convertibles, Gran Coupes

BMW Considering 4-Series and 2-Series Badge for Coupes, Convertibles, Gran Coupes

File this under history repeating. According to a new report from Autobild, BMW is considering reordering the nomenclature of their model lineup for consistency. If this happens, all sedan, wagons, and GT's will get odd numbers. All coupes, convertibles and Gran Coupe's get even numbers.

In other words, the successors of the E92 3-series coupe would become the 4-series coupe (F32), the E93 3-series convertible a 4-series convertible (F33). BMW had similar plans for the current generation E92 and E93 3-series but got cold feet for several reasons. Now the successful introduction of Audi A5 and Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe is reportedly making BMW reconsider the introduction of a 4-series again, says Autobild. If this pans out, this may be the next generation 3-series and 4-series models lineup:


F30 3-series Sedan (2012)
F31 3-series Wagon (2012)
F34 3-series GT (2013)


F32 4-series Coupe (2013)
F33 4-series Convertible (2014)
F35 4-series Gran Coupe (2015)

The idea makes some sense, but the M enthusiasts among us probably have noticed the big flaw already. This move would require the iconic M3 coupe to be renamed to M4 coupe in the next generation (which is not happening according to SCOTT26's latest information). Just imagine yourself standing at a petrol station and answering the question about the car you drive with "M4, the successor of the M3" and you'll see the issue.

F22/23 2-series
Following the same idea, Autobild also claims that the next generation 1-series coupe and convertible (F22 and F23) will be renamed the 2-series coupe and convertible. This move makes quite some sense as BMW is also planning the introduction of FWD 1-series models, and the designation reflecting the different layout seems reasonable. But, even here we see an issue, and that's related to the F20 and F21 hatchbacks which will be introduced imminently. Both cars will remain 1-series cars, and yet they're RWD. It remains to be seen how BMW solves this "mystery."

Stay tuned for more information and check out our previous coverage on the F30 3-series and F20 1-series in the meantime.