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Originally Posted by Mahzari View Post
Really? I find the F30 sport seats very comfortable, but I get some lower back pain after 45+ minutes of driving. I'll look into changing my position up.

Thanks for the heads up
Pretty much in every car I drive I put the seat position as low as it will go, and I like the backrest nearly straight up. I then adjust the headrest so that it's very near the back of my head, so that my head is almost touching it.

I've tried so many different settings on my seat and couldn't find the spot I wanted. Then, I started raising the seat base higher and higher, and finally, AHA! I'm somewhere a bit higher than midway. I've had it there now for a few days and find that I'm not fiddling with it much.
Give it a shot you may like it.

I don't use lumbar support as it doesn't help my back, and I do have lower back issues. I pump the lumbar up to about halfway, then lower it to it's lowest position, then let all the air out. It seems to give a good position.