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Originally Posted by okuruca View Post
I sent my car to oneighty all the way from Springfield MA line, for custom quad exhaust. and they said they were too busy (even tho I had appointment) they send my car to Meineke or Madhadder or something. My exhaust looks like shit and when I messaged oneighty about this their response was "that is probably because you did not agree with our pricing so we sent you directly to the shop we deal with for all exhaust work. The difference is when we take the job there, we also supervise it and make sure it is done correctly. Sorry you had a bad experience, but you gotta pay to play"
VERY professional right? BTW they quoted me 500$ because I had my own tips I agreed to pay 600$.... I guess sh*t happens and this is how they deal their business.....

Sorry you had a bad experience with our service but this is the first time I am hearing this. I pulled up our email and it looks like you just emailed us with photos of your exhaust system asking where it can be fixed. You already had a quad setup with misaligned exhaust tips. I recommended you swing by a muffler shop, meineke, and told you they should charge $100 - $200 to fix it. You replied and told me you went to "madhadders"to get that work done so my reply was to go back there and have them fix it.... Am i missing something or do you have us confused with another place?