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Originally Posted by 328inGE View Post
This is one of the most skewed responses in the whole thread dude. First, up to this post, the 328i was only mentioned a couple of times and not really in a bad way towards the 335i. The few posts about the E90 were nothing significant, and definitely not worth calling out. I actually had to go back and read a few times to see if I missed something.

The MB is cheap and under engineered? Really? What is this based on?
The Cadillac was stiff, but not better? Are you saying it rode rough?
Now you are saying an MSport would have won this comparison?

Honestly I have to question the authenticity behind your reviews more than the MT guy. I actually like his reviews, and although it stings to see BMW lose, I applaud cadillac for their efforts. Until I can drive them all back to back and decide for myself, this is what I have to go on.
Yea, but I just hate how he just breezed over the gearboxes. That's what drew me towards the BMW. yea, I can't drive a stick, so what