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Originally Posted by BMW415 View Post
I recently purchased a 2015 335 after owning a 2007 335 for many years. I have to say that I'm disappointed. Much appears to have changed in how the car handles. The steering and suspension seem much looser. The 2015 version also just doesn't feel as powerful as the 2007 version. The experience of torque and acceleration between the 2007 and 2015 versions is noticeably different. Interested to hear if other people have similar perceptions.
I, too, just trade my 2007 E/92 335i w/ sport package for a 2014 F30/335i X-Drive w/ the Sportline package.

I agree that the steering and handling is not a precise as my E92. The car is a little more sled-like than my old coupe. The turning radius is larger, the car wider. There is less feedback through the steering wheel and seat. The weighted understeer is not nearly what it was in my E92.

That said, I researched the car before I bought and, based on user feedback on forums and from various car mags, I expected the F30 with its electric steering rack to handle differently.

I can't say I'm disappointed (I love the car) but agree, something in the spirit of the beast was lost.