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Help me make sense of tech comments - US 328d

First time poster... post-dieselgate buy back 328d convert here.

Bought our '17 328d practically new (22 miles on the clock) last year.

Based on what we could figure from the original owner details, it looks like Continental Tire bought the car, had it trucked out to their facility in Texas... and promptly did nothing with it. Love the car so far and treating it with kid gloves... about 12K on it in the first year.

Threw a CEL last week, so I dropped it at the dealer for a look. Here are the comments that came back:

"performed vehicle test f/c 286500 for dynamic pre ox sensor fault"
"worked through test plan performing function check of o2 sensor and found to be slow reaction"
"removed sensor and found to be covered in soot"

ok, a soot-covered O2 sensor... seems simple enough

now the interesting part

"per function description checked particular filter and found to be old style"
"wrote TSARA case 122088 and replaced dpf and post o2 sensor"
"cleaned upstream o2 sensor"
"performed filter reset and cleared fault memory. road test no faults returned"

So clearly they replaced the DPF but the weird part is for me that I don't see any posts or bulleting anywhere about a change in DPF design/style for MY 17. This seems very strange to me. Should I worry about this?

I also worry a little a bit about this EGR recall that my car supposedly wasn't eligible for. Should I have the dealer check for that?