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Hi forum still not working well with new iOS update. Pages take long time to load if at all, getting network connection error even with full signal. Very frustrating
I had lots of problems after the iOS update. Primarily that my phone continuously disconnected from the car.

Effing iPhone updates. That update changed so much stuff. Why why why ??? Almost - almost - flipped to Android.

I called my dealer about this and they told me to remove ALL the Bluetooth connections from my iPhone (I had many, including some old speakers I no longer use), remove the phone connection and reinstall it in my car. I did that. It stopped dropping, but started up with the problem - can’t scroll using the center console wheel.

I always have my phone connected in the car via the cord. I do not use CarPlay - goodness only knows how many problems that would cause.

I found that if I go to Media, my phone, search I think, then it will show the playlists on my phone. Then the scrolling function seemed to work again. It won’t work when I activate the playlist from my phone.

Try that. My car is in the shop at the moment so I can’t test it to confirm. Took me a while to figure this out, so I hope this helps you and everyone else!

The car will get a software and iDrive update while in the shop. Pretty sure that will change everything ...
So I am different I have a iPad and a Samsung S9