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Originally Posted by apexit4 View Post
I agree with you, seems a bit odd that they were still excluded from the results despite not breaking any technical regulations. I recently read that the stewards concluded that Renault “used innovative solutions to exploit certain ambiguities” but still did not breach the technical regulations. This seems more of a grey area to me and should have been disallowed for further use considering no rules were technically broken.

I'll be watching all Sky coverage of the upcoming Mexican GP though to see if they expand on the topic. I've noticed the commentators there tend to give a bit more information and reasoning on these topics than what you tend to see online.
Same. It seems like that different stewards at different races just do whatever they feel like. I think F1 needs one team of stewards to keep things consistent and fair. That same system could be legal at another track in the eyes of a different set of stewards...