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Custom Order via ED??

Hey guys, I'm new to BP and just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Gary from NYC. I've owned a B7 A4 quattro for the last 2 years but sold it about 5 months ago. I am now looking to get into an F30 through European Delivery around July.

Now with that out of the way...I have a question that may or may not have been discussed and I'm hoping I don't get flamed for this but here it goes...

I know the 328xi is offered in MT in probably all other countries other than the US. I've read many threads about ED and what a great "once in a lifetime" experience it would be; not to mention my friend's bachelor party is going to be held in Berlin (2 birds 1 stone kinda deal) so I'm most likely going to pull the trigger on ED. My question is...since I plan on doing ED, do you think the dealer, BMW, or whoever else responsible for making this decision would allow me to place a custom order for a 328xi in MT even though it'll be driven in the US? I figured since it's being built from scratch and this isn't some outrageous request like put wings on my car and let me take it to space! it wouldn't be asking for too much right? Has anyone had experiences with ED and requesting features/packages that were not actively offered in the country where the car would ultimately be driven?

Many are probably going to ask, "why not just get the 335xi and be done with it?" or "why not get the 328i?" The answer is, I'm in the market for a new car and the F30 is very appealing to me and it MUST be a MT. I personally feel the 2.0 Turbo is more than enough power for me, not to mention it comes with a smaller price tag. With the residual left from opting for the 328 instead of the 335 I plan on buying a used motorcycle for the upcoming season. The reason I need xDrive is because I intend on taking the car up north for snowboarding throughout the winter seasons and the roads out there can get pretty slick, especially with RWD.

Anyway that's my question. Any feedback, opinions etc. that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!