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Originally Posted by Tsuyoi View Post
For me tech package and driver's assist is an absolute must. The Nav with HUD is such a lifesaver when going anywhere off your normal route, and traffic avoidance has saved me over an hour so far. LOVE LOVE LOVE the HUD, I never have to look away from the road for anything, from phone calls to changing songs to nav directions.

If you plan on getting the PDC and camera already, it's not much more to get driver's assist. The side cameras and guide lines help a ton in parallel parking, and blind spot direction makes lane changes so much safer.

Def get the lighting package, those DRL angel eyes really make a bimmer a bimmer. Saw a few cars without them, and I just wanted to cry for them.

Heated seats is a pass for me. If it's cold enough to need them, I'm so bundled up my ass doesn't feel the cold seat anyway.

Between leather and leatherette, personally I sprang the 1450 for leather (didn't get premium pack), love the smell and feel of it. However I did test drive a leatherette car, and it's just as comfortable. I just like real leather.

Handling wise, if you really want performance similar to the older E90s, get the dynamic handling package for the suspension.

Other than that, LOVE the car.
Nice, I will definitely take those into consideration. I can't justify forking out an additional 2k for the Nav since I can get the same functionality via my mobile phone (I'm sure there's a huge difference between the 2 but it's my opinion lol). Other than that, I like the sound of everything else.

I had mixed feelings about the leatherette at first but after reading reviews between leather and leatherette I felt it was more economical and the difference between the 2 was nominal. You're right about heated seats, my last car didn't come with heated seats and it never bothered me, what's probably more important is having auto start so I can get the heat running on 15 F days like today.

I had to go with the lighting package cuz like you said, a bimmer just wouldnt be a bimmer without the Halos.

Btw, I noticed you're from NY also...where in NY? Would you happen to know of any reputable dealers/agents in our immediate area who I may be able to bargain with?