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Originally Posted by shicobico
Some perspective:

The current F30 is larger in almost every dimension than the first 7 series BMW ever made.

The current F30 is about the same size as the 5 series from a couple generations ago.

The current F20 1 series is only slightly smaller than the E30 3 series.

I get what you mean by coming home.

The F30 is a BIG car. The current F10 5 series is a BOAT!

Congrats on your new toy. I am sure it will deliver some good times and big grins. Still looks ugly.
I agree with all but calling the F30 a big car. It is bigger than a 3 usually is, all cars seem to be growing and new, smaller models emerging. But the 3 series is still a mid-sized car, and hasn't grown as much as others (anyone see how massive the Nissan Altima is now? Maxima? Even the A4 is 3 inches longer than the F30).

The F10 is a big car (yes huge, but then there is the massive 7..), the f30 is just big-er...

Personally, I don't mind the 3 growing only because I'm getting older, and because the 5 has gotten too big and to uninspiring performance/handling wise). Somewhere in between the E90 and F10 would suit me right at this point in my life, married with small kids, and the F30 is now just that. I had an E46 when I was 23. At 36 I'll have an F30 and they are completely different 3's, (including a $20k bump in price tag), but that is just fine by me.