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Originally Posted by ilhan1103 View Post
To each his own, since the launch I've never liked any of the 1series.
It just looks like 'half a car' to me (same feelings for an A3)

Anyways have fun with your new toy, and come to m'tricht with it (to buy me a beer) so I can see your old baby before it leaves
Tell me about it...when the F20 came out I found it the most digusting BMW ever designed. But then I testdrove a 118i from my dealer. Miniroundabouts were like 'straights' again.

This is because of my problems with my current F30 335i, otherwise I wouldn't have swapped it. Though the 335i also is a boat compared to the car I ordered....So I benefit from this deal as well.

Maastricht is about 2 hours driving , very nice city, but hey when I'm there I'd probably drive to the Nürburgring in a heartbeat , so close. LOL

It's uglier, but it's much faster irl and on a track it's one of EVO's favourite cars as Drivenby F30 already posted. Braking distances are Porsche like. Etc etc.

It's BMWs bargain of the Century overhere if you're a driving enthousiast like I always was, but forgotten because wife/kids/stuff.

I'm planning to do trackdays again at Zandvoort/Assen, Papenburg Germany, Nordschleife just in the old days with my 330i/M3s...
The F30 is a very good car but tbh on a track it's out of place. A M135i isn't exactly a Boxster or Lotus either but it isn't out of place on a track.

Now the waiting begins. 3 months....