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Originally Posted by Ron Scott View Post
Drove home about a mile from the Depot on smooth roads and went immediately into a hard flat with bells and warnings on the dashboard. Got home to really FLAT, dead tire. 2013 335 M Sport.

BMW phone assist wanted to tow me to the dealer at 9 PM (currently closed) but said they might charge me for service after the fact so I declined (1100 miles and 6-7 weeks on the car).

I would prefer to avoid dealing with BMW directly because I basically don't trust the brand or their dealerships for anything other than initial core performance.

Any thoughts on how get better tires without spending stupid money?

Very interesting, my case was similar to yours. M Sport 335i x drive, 19 inch performance summer tires. I am in the midst of celebrating crossing the 1200 mile mark ( I wanted to cross it in style) and at about 1180 miles, low tire pressure warning pops up. I stop after about 5 miles and sure enough my right front tire was gone. My tires were filled with nitrogen and I could smell the air coming out (not the nitrogen, haha). I call the dealer who is about 20 miles away and drive there to get this checked out. Thanks to run flats the car got there safely at about 35-45mph. I am a fan of run flats from now on. I have tire insurance and the tire was replaced for $450, my insurance covered that. The tire per tire rack costs 325, the dealer was charging 380 for it. The rear tires would be more costly since there are wider.

What I find interesting is both our cars had this random tire issue at almost the same mileage. This happened to me about 2 weeks ago. Hmmm

On a different note our roads in the NE suck, I am sure this is not the last time these 19 inch tires are going to give in. Wish I was in Europe

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