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Hitting my next milestones - Advice needed

Hi guys,

Current Body Weight = 160-165lbs ish
Age: 25
Current Lifts : 195 bench press, 315 squat & deadlift

Goal: 315+ bench press, 405+ squat & deadlift

Any advice, tips, and or training programs you guys can give?

My current split:
Day 1 = Chest / Back
Day 2 = Legs
Day 3 = Arms / Shoulders
Day 4 = Rest day which = Cardio / Abs

I take an additional off day when needed. For me I've found this split to work very well. I have a very high metabolism and bulking with this frequency has lead to great results. Still very lean.

I'm considering implementing the following to improve lifts:
- Rack pulls, deficit pulls, rest pause sets for bench press & incline bench press, more front squat work.