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to hit a 315 bench, you are going to need to bulk up a little. Hitting 315 @ 165 is going to be tough. 1st time I hit 315 i was at 185. Now at 205 hitting 365 for a workout max (havent 1 rep maxed in awhile)

Also, do chest twice a week, beginning and end of week. 1st workout go heavy, 2nd workout go pump. Also, focus on one group per workout.
My workouts go
Mon - Chest
Tues - Back
Wed - Shoulders
Thurs - Legs
Fri - Chest
Sat - Cardio/back/shoulder
Sun - Cardio/Legs

Saturday and Sunday are more about burning calories than getting stronger so I go for high rep/ low weight.

For your Chest Workouts, do a mixture of Barbell and Dumbell Flat, Decline, Incline, dips, tight presses, flys, and work on your triceps.

The best Benching Program Ive done in awhile that added quite a bit to my bench was 5 sets of 5. Keep the same weight throughout the program and try to do it with 1.5-2min rests. If you cant get all 5 at once on the last set or 2, rack the weight, take a couple second break and knock out the remaining reps.