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Originally Posted by jgoens View Post
Bench press is a complex lift that calls many muscles to do the part and there are always muscles that are the weak point. You might have a really strong chest but your triceps are not so and that will hold you back. Incline gets more of the top and shoulders and always is good go the look of the physique.
When I starting lifting in my teens I always wanted to be able to rep 225 for 10 and by 23 was able to at 170 lbs.
So yeah, I think your plan of doing 5 reps is good. See if you can do 5 reps on incline at 175. And remember, your bench will gain if other parts of your body are strong as well.
I agree I do need to make some tricep development to get me to the higher weights.

Originally Posted by csu87 View Post
youd be amazed how much your frame fills out once you get to the 200+ range. Im 5-9 as well, I used to never think I could get to 200+ and look good still, but at 205, I could put on another 10lbs before I think it would look ridiculous. I was always around 180 +/- 5lbs until I really started going for size and strength in my training vs maintaining.

my current bench workouts consist of warmup sets 10 reps @ 135 , 10 reps @ 225 (~60%), 6 reps @ 295 (~80%) and then sets of 3 at 85%, 90%, 95%, 90% when im going heavy.

The 5 sets of 5 plan i told you about is using around 85%

My typical Chest Day workout is

Above Set configuration for Flat, Decline and Incline Barbell Bench
Dumbell Close Flat and Incline Press - 4 sets of 6
Dumbell Flys - 4 sets of 8
Cable Flys Out, Up, Down - 4 sets of 8
Dips - 4 sets of 8
Tris - 2 different workouts (usually one being close grip barbell bench) - 4 sets of 8
Bis - 4 sets of 8

There are a ton of workout regimen out there and a ton of different exercises. You have to just experiment with them and see which your body reacts better to. Some guys do better with high weight, low rep and some vice versa. Also need to see how well you can recover to determine frequency and duration. You want to be sore, but not so sore you cant move and it takes days to recover.
My fear is to become one of the guys who has a physique that doesn't complement their frame. But if you are 205 and able to look great then that gives me hope. Awesome feedback from everyone here. Thank you guys.