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Originally Posted by jgoens View Post
Bench press is a complex lift that calls many muscles to do the part and there are always muscles that are the weak point. You might have a really strong chest but your triceps are not so and that will hold you back. Incline gets more of the top and shoulders and always is good go the look of the physique.
When I starting lifting in my teens I always wanted to be able to rep 225 for 10 and by 23 was able to at 170 lbs.
So yeah, I think your plan of doing 5 reps is good. See if you can do 5 reps on incline at 175. And remember, your bench will gain if other parts of your body are strong as well.
This. You wont have a good bench without good Shoulder and Back lift numbers. Also dont forget about your core. All these things, including even legs, contribute to a solid bench.