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Lease Calculator, need help.

I'm going to be leasing my first NEW BMW and want to make sure I do it right. Unfortunately I live in Rochester NY and refuse to do business with the West Herr Dealership here. It makes for annoying trips when I need maintenance done but it's the principle. If anyone knows a good dealership I should go thru, just let me know.

Anyway I'm looking at a 335xi, fully loaded, 6MT. I put the numbers in bmwconfig and now I'm trying to make a calculator to figure out the lease terms. Can anyone tell me the mandatory fees that are due in NYS so I can add it to my sheet? Also, if I messed up somewhere or left something out, please let me know. After I'm done, I can share it if anyone wants it. All credit goes to pelfbmw. I took his in his screenshot and I'm trying to make one.

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