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I must admit I rather like the American section of this forum. My lot in the UK are a bit boring for my outré character and some tend to be quite brusque. But that's the nature of the beast.

I won't discuss my present financial status. I was lucky and born with a golden spoon in my mouth. However, everything I have attained so far is from really hard work (coupled with a fair degree of talent), preceeded by a very good education which my parents gave me. Due to this, I could make my own way in the world without relying on my family fortune which through war and pestilence disappeared quite rapidly. My only regret is that, in my formative years, I did not move to the USA. Great pity.

I am nearly 65 years young, have a full head of slightly greying hair, 6' 1" tall, weigh 147 British pounds, 29" waist, very fit, work 10-11 hours per day 5 days per week and commute to work by car. I've decided to retire when I am 69 years, that is, unless I am killed off by some unknown cause or disease. Hopefully, my excellent and expensive Private Health Insurance will prolong my life to enable my further enjoyment of the fruits of my success in the evening of my life.

I love very fast cars but cannot afford them. My ideal would be a Ferrari F12 or Ferrari FF. No German car compares. For true high end performance with style and kudos, it HAS to be an Italian Stallion.

But one thing I am absolutely sure of: I will never buy an American car. It would mean premature retirement from life.
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