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Originally Posted by batislav View Post
So,then BMW elitists are ok when they are elitists for the right reasons. I prefer to live in a world where you don't have to pass a special test to buy a car you like; or receive permission from a special priesthood of drivers. I also don't think an "enthusiast" politburo should be anointing what makes a "driver's car." Mechanical precision is nice, but being able to control your radio more easily is also good for a driver.

The problem is the driving experience is subjective enough that it is hard to say that any opinion is objectively superior to that of another. Nothing you described as being unique to BMW seems to be that different from what a porsche customer would say about their, entirely different, cars. What you see as a lowering of standards and unfortunate compromise can just as easily interpreted as old people complaining about the good old days.

In the end, my problem is that I don't think someone who prefers the driving experience of the f30 to that of the e30 should be dismissed as wrongheaded or chasing lexus. Nor do I think anyone should be criticized for liking their car.

Obviously, that's wrong when BMW customers criticize people who like the ATS, but when people criticize f30s (for the right reasons with historical references) it's certainly ok.

Isn't it possible that boltjames really thinks his car is perfect for him? Why begrudge his happiness. Why spend 20 years complaining that no one is building the right type of car? Get what you like and enjoy it.

Bravo at the recognition of the "enthusiast hypocrisy" around here. It's time that ends:

Enthusiasts hate badge-whores, but insist on driving yuppie status-symbols.

Enthusiasts hate show-off's, but shove their 335i's in everyone's face.

Enthusiasts hate entitled behavior, but drive like maniacs on residential streets.

Enthusiasts hate elitists, but treat $50,000 German luxury cars like Kia's.

Enthusiasts hate snobbery, but look down upon 328i owners.

Enthusiasts hate the display of wealth, but eschew leasing.

It never ends. One can argue, quite accurately, that the so-called "performance enthusiasts" are the biggest badge-whore show-off snobby entitled wealthy elitists in the entire BMW community.

And when they cry "badge-whore!" at someone who is being honest about his intentions it's laughingly ironic.