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Originally Posted by borabora View Post
hi ,

you'd better off doing cardio first thing in the morning , even better on an empty stomach before breakfast ( if you can ) , it's very hard but that's the best & most effective way to burn fat .
when you make cardio , your body uses carbs as main source of fuel in the first 30 minutes then after the 30 first minutes your body starts to burn its fatty reserve . that's why cardio work out has to last at least 30 minutes if your goal is losing weight and has to be repeated constantly ( if possible every day to be effective ) .
of course your body will be craving for sugar and food after your work out but you have to be disciplined and avoid too much fat food & sugar .
don't starve yourself neither in the first days as the day you'll be reeating normally your body will jump on all the food you give it and will stock it as a prevention in case you starve it again in the future .

losing 15 lbs in 2 months is possible but requires discipline . key is regular cardio work out ( doesn't have to be heavy load , gentle cardio is also fine ) and balanced diet ( avoid fat , sugar , none total elimination but reasonable amount ) and you'll be fine in 2 months
What? this whole reply is total broscience. Bad advice.

Firstly, fat is essential in any part of a good diet you should not avoid fats but understand how much fat you should consume.

Secondly, all this bs with cardio first thing in the morning is rubbish. In fact, you don't even have to do cardio at all if you wish to lose desired weight goal.

Thirdly after 30 mins? your body uses fat? bro, whatever you've been told you've been misinformed. If you're doing cardio in the morning with no foods, you're training in a catabolic state or fasted state, you will be using your fats as your energy source. Look it IF (intermitten Fasting) very similar to what I'm talking about

The KEY to losing weight is a calorie deficit diet eating less than you maintance level AND you can't eat whatever you want in moderation eg pizza, ice cream as long as it fits into your daily macronutrients (look up flexable dieting or IIFYM). The old traditional strict method of just Chicken breast, broccoli etc will work but why kill yourself.

My advice has always been "don't adjust your lifestyle around your diet, but to diet around your lifestyle"

OP - Losing 10lbs is very doable.

I don't have the best metabolism but if you know how to diet + training you'll get there easy!