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Originally Posted by Tsuyoi View Post
Personally hate the Audi lineup advertising. You have the A4, then the S4, then the RS4. I prefer just straight forward (this has a bigger engine, otherwise you can get the exact same accessories/options and they look the same). Honestly having the S4 kinda just makes me look at anyone with an A4 like "oh man you were too cheap/broke to get an S4. or you're over 50".

I understand this is personal opinion. I couldn't disagree with you more. Having recently (within two years) owned both a 2009 Audi TT-S and a 2012 Audi A5 I feel Audi does a far better job of creating the seperation between models. Granted, the A4 is certainly not for me - The A5 is. The price difference between the A4 and the S4 is SIGNIFICANT. Now remember, Audi has the S-line vehicles IE, A4 with the S-line build (Not to be confused with the S4). I also don't believe not being able to afford the S4 means your, "Broke". But then again this is your opinion, no one elses.