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Originally Posted by W/// View Post
On top of my head, pretty basic stuff. Tires, brakes and rotors (up front), new radiator, alternator, battery, alignment, spark plugs + wires.

Things like that. Granted, I DIY'ed almost everything. Like everyone said, you probably aren't going to get a turn key 4Runner or Jeep for under $5k, and even then it'll probably need some kind of work.
I got my 2000 XJ Cherokee for 4500 (probably paid a slightly more than I should have) but it runs great. Only have done spark plugs, oil change, O2 sensor and cleaned the throttle body. I got it with 144k miles on it. The only other issues is the AC doesn't work (will fix that) and the door speakers don't work (minor). It has done everything I've asked of it so far.