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Originally Posted by W/// View Post
That's not too bad at all. The thing about these DD's (at least in my case) is that I trust them to a certain extent. Have no problem driving around town with them when I need to, not sure I'd take it on an extended trip. I think what the OP has to remember is that most of us here are car enthusiast, so I know at least in my case, I'd change all the fluids right away, whereas some people will just drive them. I know the more I dug in to the car, the more basic things I wanted to do.

Did you go to Tech? Class of 08 myself. Check out the license plate frame
+1. Exactly. There is lots that I want to do but it still runs great so I haven't gotten to it yet. Plus not having a garage makes things a little more difficult.

And yes I graduated in 2013 and live in Roanoke now. Haven't gone too far yet. What did you get your degree in?

And I love your car too