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Originally Posted by jaye944 View Post
I'd prefer google read my email than my wife
You allow total strangers to know more about you than your own wife does. I imagine that if your wife had any idea how speak about her....and your ex, you would no longer be referring to her as your wife.

Originally Posted by DETRoadster View Post
I used to think the whole "my phone/facebook/tablet/etc. is listening to me was bogus until last week. I have a motorcycle on order from my local Honda dealer. My wife and I were talking about it this weekend; as of Sunday night she's now getting targeted ads for motorcycles, riding gear, etc. on Facebook. Super creepy.
If your IP is being used to search for anything on the web, whether it is her or you, it will transfer to any social media that is connected with your IP or username. Last October I bought a pair of Persol sunglasses. I researched heavily before dropping that much money on a pair of sunglasses. Instantly Persol ads start showing up on side adverts on my work computer as I google random info for work. It's all data phishing sir.