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I have the full Technology Package with BMW Apps yet there is no release date for the iPhone 5 Smart Adapter. BMW should work harder to get these released sooner or provide them at no charge. Also, BMW Apps and BMW Remote are feeling like more of a 'project' than a full implementation. If Hyundai with their Blue Link offering is ready-for-primetime. BMW should at least match it!
You don't need the iPhone 5 adapter to get full functionality from BMW Apps. Just plug in your phone to the center console USB port with the Apple Lighting to USB cable and you'll have everything that the cradle will offer as far as functionality. If you had an older iPhone, the cradle would of course support iPod-out, but folks like us with the 5 have to make due without.

I plan on ordering a set-up from Pro-clip that uses the Apple Lighting cable, and allows the phone to snap in securely near the gear lever on the passenger side. This would be the best of both worlds, you get to charge the phone, use all the BMW apps features, and still have the phone in a handy, visible position. When I used to have my M3 with iPhone 4 + BMW Apps + cradle, it was actually kind of a pain to use the cradle. Very often, I would forget my phone in the center console! Also, it's almost impossible to launch Pandora, etc., while the phone is plugged into the cradle. Having it in a more accessible spot should be a big improvement.

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SamS: Thanks for your threads on the AH3, it helped me quite a bit on my purchasing decision. Hope you can hold on a little bit longer and the information shared confirm your great ordering decision.
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