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Originally Posted by avantix View Post
Why don't you keep your pointless comments and suggestions to yourself?
Originally Posted by avantix View Post
First gear, no riding just dumping it. Obviously I wouldn't do this on a daily basis but purely at the track on quarter mile timed runs.
It's not a pointless comment. Look at all the other replies, we're all face-palming. You've clearly had multiple MT's, how has this never caused damage in a previous car? Especially with an AWD car it puts more stress on your drivetrain as it has more "power to ground" contact I suppose is the way to put it.

Excessive clutch wear/premature clutch failure or other drivetrain problems resulting from this crap won't be covered under regular maintenance or warranty. You need hundreds of gear changes to wear in the clutch and flywheel, or you run into damaging more than just the clutch

Also, dumping your clutch at a high RPM isn't exactly the best time wise. There's a sweetspot between traction and RPM's... hence why launch control doesn't take the engine to a redline when you smash the pedal.
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