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Originally Posted by avantix View Post
I routinely drop the clutch at 6k rpm and boy does this car take off like a bat out of hell. Question is will it likely break anything in the long run?
Originally Posted by avantix View Post
This is my 10th manual car so believe me I know how to drive it. All my other cars were RWD manuals where dumping the clutch at higher than 2000 rpm would result in a standstill wheel spin so I've never done it. This is my first AWD car and was wondering about the threshold of "abuse" a 6mt xdrive drivetrain can sustain. I never asked you for buying tips so please keep those to yourself.
You've had 10 MT's so you "know" how to drive, yet you still wonder whether routinely dumping the clutch at 6k RPM will break anything

I'll stop trolling now.

In my last post I was just trying to give you some advice. Break the clutch in for at least a few hundred miles. Dumping at high RPM doesn't mean fastest (probably make a couple tenths of a second difference in a 1/4m). Sure, doing it a handful of times it most likely won't destroy anything, but if you routinely do it, it'll cause a problem.