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You're correct. 1,2,3 switches are used to set screen size. The sticker on my box indicates 1-ON/2-ON for for 8.8" but that setting leaves a slight white line on the right of my iDrive screen on the right side I'd the card image. 1-OFF/2-ON did the trick. No lines, looks good.

For those who choose to update these settings make sure you unplug the white cable before changing the dips. The changes will take affect after the unit is plugged back in.

Good luck.
So of the 8 switches only the first one needs to be switched off and the other switches stay on? I just ordered an 8.8 screen and what to make sure I get the settings right.
1-On, 2-On, 3-Off is what they recommended. 1-OFF, 2-On , 3-Off worked for me.