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Originally Posted by lawgone
Originally Posted by micknugget
These reviews are absolutely worthless. They like the BMW's steering while another review hates it. They hate the iDrive screen while just about every other review loves it. Also, there 0-60 and 1/4 mile times are lower then other reviews and I really REALLY doubt that the Merc does 0-60 in 6.4 sec. Mercedes says 7.1 and I think that's pretty close to what it really does.
I've seen several reviews not liking the placement of the iDrive screen. The screen itself looks good but the placement has been much criticized for looking like someone slammed an iPad into the top of the dash.
Personally I think that was the point. First, they didn't try to hide or disguise the screen. It's there and it's important so I feel like they've finally acknowledged that in the design. Second, tablets are super hot so I think BMW figured why not just make it like a tablet.

I really like the design. I was never a fan of the double hump on the e90 because it made the instrument cluster feel less driver focused and less prominent.