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Originally Posted by SupermanF30 View Post
There will be 3 folders on the 32GB USB stick like so:

USB1 (directory)
USB2 (directory)
USB3 (directory)
Copy the entire contents of USB1 to the root of the USB stick, should only be the following:

pkgdb (directory)

Once uploaded to the car, the car will ask for USB2. Delete both the and pkgdb from the root or move them back into USB1 directory.

Repeat the same steps with USB2, moving its contents to the root, upload to car, remove contents from root when finished or place back into USB2... and repeat the steps again with USB3. All 3 USB directories will contain the same file names (config.nfm & pkgdb), but they all contain different information. So just make you sure you place them into the root in the correct order during the update process and remove them before adding the next ones to the root.
Is there a way to have the install go automatically from one file to the next the same way the NBT system does?
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