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Looks like you need some kinda login id for that website to view your post
you are clearly not under 20 haha

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Audi have exactly the same rep in the UK. It's amazing how little they actually want to sell cars. Audi is by far the worst sales experience I've ever had in the motor trend - to the point I can't see myself ever buying one or even going back to a dealer again now. Ten years of apathy and an air of "if you want it, come and get it but I'm not getting out of my chair" from the salesmen means they can stick to selling to eedjuts and my money will go elsewhere
Yeah its a shame, innit (had to do the accent)

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Wow, such a long detailed post man~!

The sad thing is that this seems to be the growing trend among some of the euro dealers.

Glad you didn't take it from Audi and decided to find something better. At the end of the day as long as your happy and the purchase was a happy experience, it's all that matters
Thanks mate, yeah definitely, but I wouldve liked a better direct comparison between the two

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I didn't get any proper customer service from Audi.. I was considering the A5/A6 before. But their lack of professionalism didn't even seem to motivate me to want to come back to the dealership.
yeah man, its just that their cars are good. We got an A4 new in 08 and have had no problems... almost!

Originally Posted by ozorion View Post
I was in the same Audi dealer (Zetland) a couple of times recently and both times left me with a desire to never return to that office.

First was when I went with my boss to buy his wife an A1. They didn't want to buy one brand new, but Zetland Audi have an arrangement with EuropeCar where they buy back the rental cars after a year and then resell them. He managed to pick up an A1 at a decent price, but (as a former mechanic) he was quite emphatic in making sure the car had never been in an accident - which Audi ensured him it hadn't.

Once he purchased and picked up the car and got it out of the indoor dealership in to the light, he noticed that the colour on one door was a fraction off from the rest of the car. He called the dealer and once again they assured him the car had never been damaged. When we inspected the door further, we found that an apparent respray of the door had failed to completely cover it as there was a section under the door where the undercoat was still visible.

Once this fact was highlighted to Audi, they offered a $1k discount which they eventually upped to $2k but my boss wasn't having any of it and in the end they took the car back and refunded his money.

My second experience was when I was shopping for my F30 - my wife wanted me to look at other cars so I went to Zetland Audi to look at the A4, A5 & A6. The new car sales reps didn't want to know me (perhaps because of my age and clothing at the time) and kept funneling me over to used cars, despite my insistance that I was interested in and could afford a new Audi. Given that I was looking at a custom build, I suspect they were only interested in moving cars that they had in the dealership.
how old are you if you dont mine me asking?

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Once I discovered BMW over 25 years ago and bought my first one 20 years ago, I have never looked at another brand for myself. My wife is a Mercedes fan and has a terrific W203. We bypassed the 204 but will look at the 205 when it comes out in 2014.

I have never looked at an Audi, but my cousin has a big, black diesel truck (4WD SUV) one and he LOVES it. According to my cousin, Audi could not have been nicer during the sale and have looked after him with service and parts. He has had the car some years and says it performs beautifully. He is an avid Audi fan.
didnt see a post like this coming from you David... hahaahah

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Funny how different dealers have such a varying level of service.

I was looking at the A4, but knowing the facelift was coming wasn't considering the older model. I rang them up in Feb asking when it was coming, and the sales rep, emailed a follow up every month, saying that they haven't got it in yet, and keeping touch. When he did get it in (July I think), by this time I got sick of waiting and decided I wanted an F30 instead, I told him I sort of got sick of waiting and ordered an F30. He actually was quite nice about it, said congrats, the BMW Is a nice car and I'll enjoy it - if anything he could help me with in future to let him know.

Good service, was sincere (didn't bag the competition which some reps love doing) and if I or someone close is in the market for an Audi, I'll definitely hit him up!

Dealer was Audi Melbourne - guy's name was William.
good to finally see some good recent feedback!