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Originally Posted by RichardM View Post
Mine took a week from the dealer receiving it to me collecting it which seemed unnecessarily long.
Definitely; they've told me it only takes about 2-3 hours to PDI it, so 1-2 days seems more than enough, considering staffing and the couple of other cars they're doing as well. I've just sent an email to the sales manager to let him know the car has landed in the UK, as I doubt he will check first thing in the morning, so he can get straight on with organising transport up to them, as he said last week they've been doing recently; I spoke with him last week and he seemed to be on the ball and said he also wanted me in the car on Friday, so I'm hoping it will be on time

Glad I'm in contact with him as my sales guy isn't great to be honest, very miserable, unenthusiastic and very unreliable, and made some cockups on the spec of my order; started on a bad foot straight away as he was bringing a 330d round for me to test drive, and was an hour and a half late. I called him and he hadn't even set off yet; then he's off for 3 days in the middle of us negotiating the price etc. and didn't tell me or pass me to anyone else, which actually happened about 3 times in total; also takes days to reply to emails and calls.

I'm not letting it affect anything though as I'm buying a BMW because it's the car I want, regardless of any 'middle man' involved, and specifically from him as he did me a good price, which is ultimately all that matters, and not because I liked him, and I will never see him again after I drive the car away, I'm sure Definitely depends on the dealer and probably salesperson as to how well you get looked after though, and the turnaround they choose to give you...
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