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Originally Posted by RichardM View Post
Carry a shovel! Maybe some old carpet to get traction. Other than that it will probably be impossible to get grip.
Originally Posted by johnbmw6 View Post
Better leave it at home.
I see a pattern emerging!

Originally Posted by zofinger View Post
Yea -even if you can control the car, it's others you have to worry about!
Tell me about it. Any bad weather prangs I've had in the last 25 odd years have always been someone else not knowing what they're doing.

It's a shame really because I do so enjoy driving in snow. A bit of a challenge I think. Fortunately prior to this loan car I've always had a manual and either winter tyres on a RWD, Audi's Quattro gubbins or a FWD with decent tread. The BMWs drive sooooo well for the 360 days it's not snowing it's just a shame they're utterly bob-arr when it does.*

Oh well. There's new rubber on the family bus. That'll have to do.

*Tyres, tyres, tyres. I know. Before anyone starts.