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Originally Posted by Rb79 View Post
Yes I guess it would be almost expected to have it when it comes to resale but I am sure BMW dealers will make a good case for their cars that don't have it. Depends if you are buying or selling. If you are going to spec business nav for 1.5k anyway, I guess the extra for pro nav might be easier to swallow but still a hell of a lot of money for us mere mortals.
Yes a "Hell of a lot of money" and lets face it's not that many years have passed when we just used a MAP and rarely got lost .
I think this "must have for resale" is just a way to make big bucks for the dealers on options, come resale time the dealers play the up or down game 0n your PX value.
Some people get a bit sucked in ( me included) and go over the top on options, but come PX time I push as hard as I can on the next deal playing them off against each other to find a good deal
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