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Originally Posted by Justin Spelman View Post
No surprise all the haters are current 3 series owners. I'd bet that to most objective viewers the f30 looks better than the e90 in almost every way.
I wouldn't say that. The face lifted current 3 is a big improvement over the initial E90 offering.
I like this new 3, but I don't think that it looks better in every way.

The new front is nice, but the current hood is too bulky, which I think is part of why some think the proportions are odd.
Overall, the proportions are about the same as the E90, especially from the A pillar on back. It's the over bulbous hood that sticks out the most to me as being overwrought. Consider that the biggest selling engines in Euro and US models will be smaller 4 cylinder turbo's, it begs the question of why the hood needs to be bulge so high.
The biggest engine will be the current N55, which fit's fine in the lower and sleeker hood of the E90.

The interior is a positive improvement as it uses it's space to give added style. I especially like the brushed aluminum accent.
The color strip can be optioned out for something classier.
But, the non-retractable iDrive screen is a let down in style and function.
It's a highly visible wart on an otherwise nice looking dash.

The ad campaign picts look very good and the photographer captured the new 3's best looks and angles.

I'm not thrilled with the new wheels still.
Maybe the US market will get something more sport for the sport and M sport models.
Also, I hope they offer a performance all season tire for those of us who always get the sport pkg. and live in a 4 seasons area.
It would be nice to get a sport pkg BMW and not have to budget another $800 just to be able to drive it for the other 7 months of the year.
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